10 Reasons Why to Choose NG Networks

Certifications are not our thing:
NG Networks is different from other institutes. Our sole aim is to place our students with high salary packages in top IT firms. Our course curriculum is designed to keep this aim in mind.

Our training is based to prepare the aspirants first with the theoretical part as well as Lab practices available in the book referred by Cisco.

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100% placement! Don’t believe us? Take it in written!
NG Networks offers 100% job guarantee programs to students enrolling for any of the three programs, which means it’s our guarantee to get you placed in the best networking company before or after the completion of your training program. The starting salary of our alumni fresher is 4-5 LPA.
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Taste the ground zero with real-time training:
NG is the first institute in India which launched the concept of Real-time training programs. This concept not only aids the company, it also helps the students to ensure industry challenges. Networking organizations need a relevant profile with good communication, Real-time knowledge and other skills in the same proportion.

Highest Salaries:
We offer the highest salary package depending upon the course you’re going for.
Good quality knowledge and practice of practical principals guarantee a decent pay package right from the start. We build your base. You may start pursuing courses offered by NG Networks and build a rewarding career within no time!

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Highest Placement record in such a short span of time:
We specialize in placing students from all educational backgrounds. Be it B. Tech, B. Com or BCA graduate.

NG Networks trains people and places them in various MNC’s irrespective of their educational backgrounds. Many people believe that graduates only from a science background are eligible since Infrastructure domain deals in technology. However, this is completely untrue. A graduate from ANY, we repeat ANY discipline is eligible for the course and would get equal chance during placement.
Get placed in top Multi-National Corporation:
Working in a leading MNC is a dream-come-true for anyone and we are here to curate this dream into reality for you. We make you job ready through our innovative training methodologies.

Specially designed module by professionals:
To train you, we have a team of experts in our institutes who have precious experience of working in reputed networking organizations.

We provide trainings through our industry experts who pay attention to each student during the course of their corporate training in order to help them grow more as an IT professional in their concerned field.

Get communication Skill, PD and Interview class:
We provide one of the best trainings for improvement of our candidate’s communication skills which are uniquely developed by our experts. Don’t compare it with traditional “Angrezi bolna sikhiye program”. It Includes Personality development and Interview classes.

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Next level training:
As mentioned, we do not focus on Certifications. Our curriculum is specially designed by professionals based on the job description. In other words, we take it to an even higher altitude.  Equivalent certifications are CCNA (R&S), CCNA (S.P), CCNA (D.C), CCNP.(R&S), Knowledge above CCIE.

Get trained by experts:
Our trainers, who themselves have been a part of the corporate world for a long time, are certified industry experts who have minimum experience of 10-15 years.
The training is given by these certified experts only. So get trained by expert for being an expert. It is one of our top USP.

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Author: blogngnetworks

NG Networks is the best institute for IT & Networking course training in India and offers 100% practical training, hands-on experience, and real time industry exposure, with innovative training methodologies that expert industry trainers use to help students understand and gain knowledge of basic and complex aspects of various Cisco certified courses to help the students get IT jobs in Delhi NCR and Networking jobs in India directly after training, without need of certification, with 100% job placement guarantee just like professional job placement companies in Delhi NCR or recruitment agencies in India. Here is the short description about NG Networks journey. 2012 NG Networks was started by a young entrepreneur in a small office in a rented room with no name who himself was rejected multiple time in different interviews with the aim to provide right solution to the jobseeker so they can get their desired job. In the age of 22 the founder doesn't have the sufficient fund to manage a proper infrastructure or management to start a business but his vision is Strong and clear. 2013 It was not doing well but founder didn't gave up and give it a pause for next bigger move as he start working in Real-time environment. 2014 The first time when we got our name as NG consultant later divided into 2 parts NG Networks & NGIT Global Solutions and Mr Goswami become well renowned consultant in India by placing number of candidates in Network IT domain and the same year he left his job as Senior Network Engineer and again started from a small room from his house. 2015 Now the NG strengthens his roots and we owned a office at the heart of Delhi and awarded as Best CEO of the year as well. This year NG launched a full-fledged job guarantee program in with their own curriculum based on Job description 2016 The training of NG Networks with its own unique program become popular among the aspirants and sooner different engineering colleges in India start inviting MR. Goswami for his presentation cum session over IT. 2017 Here we launched our customized training program where one can search a specific training content as per his/her requirement which helps them to save their time and money both. Today NG Networks has a team to work independently to serve the jobseeker in any format.

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