What is Network Data Specialist Course?

Network Data Specialist
We know that this course name is totally new to you. Let us tell you what Network Data Specialist course at NG is. By introducing this course every individual can get their dream job without facing the hassle of certification exams.

Duration: The course duration of Network Data Specialist is 5 months. So within a very short period of time, you’ll get equipped for the most in-demand networking accreditation.

Curriculum: Our course curriculum is completely based on the requirement of the companies hiring for the network engineer.

We do provide the knowledge above CCIE: As it is outstanding course provided by NG to the network enthusiasts it has created a high demand for Data Specialist in today’s world.

In this course, we are also offering knowledge above CCIE which makes this course more beneficial for students.

We are not focusing on certification: We are focused on the Job-Based Training instead of Certification Training.
And let me tell you one more thing about this course, that there is lots of opportunity after doing this course. You’ll get smart salary packages in a reputed IT industry after completion of this course.
Pursuing this course means joining the ranks of skilled network professionals who have earned recognition and respect in IT industry.
We provide upgraded knowledge which is required for the job.

Guaranteed placement up to 7 LPA: We all know about the massive opportunities present in the field of technology and as we are progressing towards digitalization, these requirements and vacancies are also increasing exponentially.
And we prove it true by placing our candidates with highest salary packages up to 7 LPA. While it is next level training of networking still we are providing best salary packages to our students after the completion of the course.

Placement in overseas too: The students who have done the course at NG Networks they are not placed in India only but they are placed in all over the world like Dubai, Malaysia etc.

Real-time knowledge: We have introduced a new concept of real-time training which makes study interesting. Here you can learn networking with the right tools.
Real-time training will help you to stand out from the crowd and you’ll be capable to solve networking issues in real time without any trouble.
One more plus point of real-time training is that you will fell friendly environment in your future company because you have done the job earlier in the same environment. That will make your job easier for you as a network engineer.
One more Real-time class offered specially for handling ticketing and monitoring.

L1+, L2, L2+: This program completely compromises most of the job description released for the L1+, L2 & L2+ hiring. After completion of this program candidate having knowledge of overall project in Industry adds brief understanding about ITIL concept which works like a lifeline in a project.

And it is analyzed by us that there is a vast growth of job opportunities which is increasing day by day.



Author: blogngnetworks

NG Networks is the best institute for IT & Networking course training in India and offers 100% practical training, hands-on experience, and real time industry exposure, with innovative training methodologies that expert industry trainers use to help students understand and gain knowledge of basic and complex aspects of various Cisco certified courses to help the students get IT jobs in Delhi NCR and Networking jobs in India directly after training, without need of certification, with 100% job placement guarantee just like professional job placement companies in Delhi NCR or recruitment agencies in India. Here is the short description about NG Networks journey. 2012 NG Networks was started by a young entrepreneur in a small office in a rented room with no name who himself was rejected multiple time in different interviews with the aim to provide right solution to the jobseeker so they can get their desired job. In the age of 22 the founder doesn't have the sufficient fund to manage a proper infrastructure or management to start a business but his vision is Strong and clear. 2013 It was not doing well but founder didn't gave up and give it a pause for next bigger move as he start working in Real-time environment. 2014 The first time when we got our name as NG consultant later divided into 2 parts NG Networks & NGIT Global Solutions and Mr Goswami become well renowned consultant in India by placing number of candidates in Network IT domain and the same year he left his job as Senior Network Engineer and again started from a small room from his house. 2015 Now the NG strengthens his roots and we owned a office at the heart of Delhi and awarded as Best CEO of the year as well. This year NG launched a full-fledged job guarantee program in with their own curriculum based on Job description 2016 The training of NG Networks with its own unique program become popular among the aspirants and sooner different engineering colleges in India start inviting MR. Goswami for his presentation cum session over IT. 2017 Here we launched our customized training program where one can search a specific training content as per his/her requirement which helps them to save their time and money both. Today NG Networks has a team to work independently to serve the jobseeker in any format.

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