10 Reasons Why to Choose NG Networks

Certifications are not our thing:
NG Networks is different from other institutes. Our sole aim is to place our students with high salary packages in top IT firms. Our course curriculum is designed to keep this aim in mind.

Our training is based to prepare the aspirants first with the theoretical part as well as Lab practices available in the book referred by Cisco.

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100% placement! Don’t believe us? Take it in written!
NG Networks offers 100% job guarantee programs to students enrolling for any of the three programs, which means it’s our guarantee to get you placed in the best networking company before or after the completion of your training program. The starting salary of our alumni fresher is 4-5 LPA.
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Taste the ground zero with real-time training:
NG is the first institute in India which launched the concept of Real-time training programs. This concept not only aids the company, it also helps the students to ensure industry challenges. Networking organizations need a relevant profile with good communication, Real-time knowledge and other skills in the same proportion.

Highest Salaries:
We offer the highest salary package depending upon the course you’re going for.
Good quality knowledge and practice of practical principals guarantee a decent pay package right from the start. We build your base. You may start pursuing courses offered by NG Networks and build a rewarding career within no time!

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Highest Placement record in such a short span of time:
We specialize in placing students from all educational backgrounds. Be it B. Tech, B. Com or BCA graduate.

NG Networks trains people and places them in various MNC’s irrespective of their educational backgrounds. Many people believe that graduates only from a science background are eligible since Infrastructure domain deals in technology. However, this is completely untrue. A graduate from ANY, we repeat ANY discipline is eligible for the course and would get equal chance during placement.
Get placed in top Multi-National Corporation:
Working in a leading MNC is a dream-come-true for anyone and we are here to curate this dream into reality for you. We make you job ready through our innovative training methodologies.

Specially designed module by professionals:
To train you, we have a team of experts in our institutes who have precious experience of working in reputed networking organizations.

We provide trainings through our industry experts who pay attention to each student during the course of their corporate training in order to help them grow more as an IT professional in their concerned field.

Get communication Skill, PD and Interview class:
We provide one of the best trainings for improvement of our candidate’s communication skills which are uniquely developed by our experts. Don’t compare it with traditional “Angrezi bolna sikhiye program”. It Includes Personality development and Interview classes.

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Next level training:
As mentioned, we do not focus on Certifications. Our curriculum is specially designed by professionals based on the job description. In other words, we take it to an even higher altitude.  Equivalent certifications are CCNA (R&S), CCNA (S.P), CCNA (D.C), CCNP.(R&S), Knowledge above CCIE.

Get trained by experts:
Our trainers, who themselves have been a part of the corporate world for a long time, are certified industry experts who have minimum experience of 10-15 years.
The training is given by these certified experts only. So get trained by expert for being an expert. It is one of our top USP.

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What is Job Guarantee Program at NG Networks?

We all know that the world is moving towards digitalization to grow their organizations or start-ups. This digitalization depends upon networking and internet. Networking opens up doors for many new opportunities.

Due to lack of knowledge, students get confused in choosing the best course for themselves. So if you have a goal to kick-start your career in networking and want to be placed in top MNCs with high salary packages, then without looking any further join the Job guarantee programs at NG networks.
With a plethora of job prospects and chances to get high paid positions, Job Guarantee programs offered by NG Networks in Delhi creates experts who can effortlessly deal with the challenges that IT organizations and different business firms give customized networking training for.

If you want to make a great career in the networking field, you’re on the right path since network engineers are high in demand. Whether you are an existing networking engineer or starting your networking journey for the first time, there are various training courses available for each one of you. These Training Programs help you develop your sustainability in networking know-how, and be the best networking engineer.

Now let us tell you what the Job Guarantee program at NG Networks is:
As per the name we provide 100% job guarantee in written format after or before completion of the course.

NG offers 100% job guarantee program where one can enroll by choosing the right program.

We have courses those are suitable for every candidate. The courses coming under JGP are:

Network Data Beginner: This course is designed for the beginners of networking. Our NDB course is equivalent to CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician/ CCNA R&S (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching). Our courses enable you to get placed in top MNCs with smart salary packages.
Network Data Specialist: Associate level networking course for graduates and professionals. This course is completely based on the requirement of the companies hiring for the network engineer.
Network Data-Sec Pro: Network Data-Sec Pro is a high-level training module which provides detailed information about networking and plays a vital role to fulfill the actual requirements of IT infrastructure in the Network domain. Learn the security preparing in different firewalls.

Network Security expert: Network Security Expert (NSE) is a new program designed for technical professionals interested in independent validation of their network security skills.

The best thing about NG is its main focus on the placement. We are one of the best networking institutes that offer 100% job guarantee in written format.
We place a candidate every 3rd day.
Are you thinking about how we place so many of candidates in a short span of time?

Let us clear your doubt. This is possible through our intensive training. We also have a special curriculum, which helps students get placed in top MNCs with exceptional salary packages.

Mainly we focus on 4 skills, I.e.

Technical Skills

Communication Skills

Relevant Exposure

Real-time training

So without having any second thoughts, go and grab this opportunity now. Enroll yourself in our Job Guarantee programs and boost your networking career with us.

See our Job Guarantee Courses at http://www.ngnetworks.in/#

What is Network Data Specialist Course?

Network Data Specialist
We know that this course name is totally new to you. Let us tell you what Network Data Specialist course at NG is. By introducing this course every individual can get their dream job without facing the hassle of certification exams.

Duration: The course duration of Network Data Specialist is 5 months. So within a very short period of time, you’ll get equipped for the most in-demand networking accreditation.

Curriculum: Our course curriculum is completely based on the requirement of the companies hiring for the network engineer.

We do provide the knowledge above CCIE: As it is outstanding course provided by NG to the network enthusiasts it has created a high demand for Data Specialist in today’s world.

In this course, we are also offering knowledge above CCIE which makes this course more beneficial for students.

We are not focusing on certification: We are focused on the Job-Based Training instead of Certification Training.
And let me tell you one more thing about this course, that there is lots of opportunity after doing this course. You’ll get smart salary packages in a reputed IT industry after completion of this course.
Pursuing this course means joining the ranks of skilled network professionals who have earned recognition and respect in IT industry.
We provide upgraded knowledge which is required for the job.

Guaranteed placement up to 7 LPA: We all know about the massive opportunities present in the field of technology and as we are progressing towards digitalization, these requirements and vacancies are also increasing exponentially.
And we prove it true by placing our candidates with highest salary packages up to 7 LPA. While it is next level training of networking still we are providing best salary packages to our students after the completion of the course.

Placement in overseas too: The students who have done the course at NG Networks they are not placed in India only but they are placed in all over the world like Dubai, Malaysia etc.

Real-time knowledge: We have introduced a new concept of real-time training which makes study interesting. Here you can learn networking with the right tools.
Real-time training will help you to stand out from the crowd and you’ll be capable to solve networking issues in real time without any trouble.
One more plus point of real-time training is that you will fell friendly environment in your future company because you have done the job earlier in the same environment. That will make your job easier for you as a network engineer.
One more Real-time class offered specially for handling ticketing and monitoring.

L1+, L2, L2+: This program completely compromises most of the job description released for the L1+, L2 & L2+ hiring. After completion of this program candidate having knowledge of overall project in Industry adds brief understanding about ITIL concept which works like a lifeline in a project.

And it is analyzed by us that there is a vast growth of job opportunities which is increasing day by day.


Are you working in MNC’s for a long time and didn’t get any Salary Hikes?

Don’t worry, NG Networks is here to provide you a golden ticket to your bright future. We are offering Network Security Expert courses at NG Networks and get a salary hike.

Learning networking from books is like reading a book on how to ride a bike without riding it and when it comes to technology, practical knowledge is constantly in front of what traditional education teaches you. Getting a certification in networking is not enough to stay ahead of the latest technology trends in networking. And NG Networks is the only institute who provide real-time training so that after getting the job in an IT firm with handsome salary packages & you’ll be more comfortable to solve real-time problem.

If you want to get hired by one of the IT unicorns you need to be perfect in your networking skills and to make this true NG Networks brings Network Security expert courses.

Let us describe you what is Network Security expert courses at NG networks.
This program enables you as a Security Expert in networking. This program is specially designed for the network engineer to become a competent L2 & L2+ network security resource. The program is designed based on the generic skills set as an L2 & L2+ should possess. Enhance your skill to next level with our Network Security expert course and get ready to be a part of the fastest growing domain in IT industry.

After completion of the course you will able to do the following:
Configure ASA with IP addresses and Access-lists
Execute change management in ASA Firewalls
Configure routes on NAT on ASA & Checkpoint Firewalls
Palo Alto, Architecture, Application and policy configuration
Vulnerability Management

Let us describe you what is Checkpoint and Palo Alto in short?
Check Point provides customers of all sizes with the latest data and network security protection in an integrated Next Generation Firewall Platform. Whether they need next-generation security for their data center, enterprise, small business or home office, Check Point has a solution.

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls are leading the market globally. These are architected to safely enable applications and prevent modern threats. Their approach identifies all network traffic based on applications, users, content, and devices, and lets customers express their business policies in the form of easy-to-understand security rules.
One more important thing, the prerequisite to attaining this course is that you have to have the knowledge of CCNA. Because it is a next level training program so it is mandatory for all the aspiring candidates who want to be Security expert in networking.

Get trained for the most in-demand skills in networking and be the highest paid Network Security Expert.
Write your own success story with NG Networks. Don’t miss the opportunity. Enrol yourself now for our Security expert course. For more info log on to http://www.ngnetworks.in.

Do you aware of this Shocking Statics of Unemployment in India?

Engineers, Law Graduates, and MBAs were among thousands of applicants who queued up for tests and interviews for the job of peons in Madhya Pradesh. As many as 2.81 lakh people have applied for 738 peon posts. The highest number of applicants — 70,000 — are from Gwalior.

Students should be aware of industry trends and demands and hone themselves so that they become worth hiring. In which field they have to choose for their bright career. In today fast paced world nobody wants to wait after completion of their graduates or other courses. They want to join a reputed organisation as soon as possible, but it’s not that much easy because the competition in nowadays are on next level, so  if you want to stay away from employability you have to choose the different field which is now in market trend and also offers exceptional growth with smart salary packages.

The Network Data Beginner course in Delhi is one best answer for get free from the task Job and get ready for better exposure in the market. It’s a blend of most demanded skills in network data.

After completion of this program, one can easily manage to handle the profile of entry-level network data engineer.
NG networks offers the best training module for IT & Networking courses with 100% practical training and real-time experience as well as 100% Job Guarantee in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon.

The exciting field of Networking has experienced explosive growth. This transformative innovation has modified the way business work, as well as shaken up the traditional structure of the IT office and put new requests on staff individuals who are looked with re-evaluating their own professions/careers.  With organizations rapidly moving their infrastructure and services to the network, jobs are growing at breakneck pace, with many positions are left unfilled.

By taking this course you’ll be able to understand the nuances of networking and this will make you a pro in networking as per the actual requirement of the networking industries.

NG Networks the top Cisco Training Institute will make you more comfortable to do the course more and more convoluted as the technology is advancing and flourishing. So, the demand for a network engineer does not seem to go out of way anytime soon.

This program is designed for learners who want to enter or advance their career in this exciting and well-paying field in networking.
So what are you waiting for? Get ready to learn from the best institute for Network Data Beginner in Delhi to be the best networking engineer.

Do you want to know what Security Expert Training Program Is?

The Security Expert Courses in Delhi is a program intended to assist the security enthusiasts with venturing into the space of data security. This exceptional program arms you with the essential counseling abilities so as to enable you to make your check in this energizing field of data and cybersecurity. e.
Networks are becoming progressively

The Security Expert Courses in Delhi is a totally hands-on, true arranged security affirmation. This course is composed by experienced security experts concentrating on conveying the best and refreshed information, and guarantees that you get by and by tutored by the best in the business.
The next level training program designed for the candidates who have knowledge of CCNA or basic knowledge of network and security.

The course duration of Security Expert Training Program is designed as per your convenience. So we are offering the course with two options. You can take the classes in daily basis or on weekends only. Our Customized Networking Training Delhi will make you more comfortable to do the networking course more and more convoluted as the technology is advancing and flourishing. So, the demand for a network specialist does not seem to go out of way anytime soon.

Work: It is a network specialist’s task to keep the computer network functioning without any interruption. At the same time, it is also his task to safeguard the company’s network from undesired and needless intrusion thereby protecting the company’s secrets.
It is the best course to strengthen your networking knowledge into next level.

We know that only the training doesn’t matter till you get the decent job with smart salary packages. We assure you that along with the knowledge of Networking Security you’ll get the 100% Job Guarantee in Delhi when you come to NG networks. So get trained with Best IT Training Institute in Delhi.

Get trained and placed with the Best Institute of Nnetworking.



What is a Network Data Beginner Course at NG?

We know that the term Network Data Beginner is totally new for you because it a whole new concept which is introduced by us. NG Networks set up a new milestone towards a new way of training among job seeker. By introducing this course every individual can get their dream job without facing the hassle of certification exams.

Here, We work constantly towards the depth knowledge as per the requirement offer by MNC’s for hiring not over the certification. NG aims to train the candidate based on job’s perspective not on the certification.

Network Data Beginner is idiosyncratically designed for the L1 & L1+ perspective and give assistance to the student to face the actual need as per the job description.

The major aim of this course to come up with relevant exposure to the candidate with the market requirement by adding the detailed knowledge of ITIL concepts with real-time classes especially emphasis on the Ticketing and Monitoring and basic troubleshooting type important factor for the beginner in IT Networking.

Our Network Data Beginner course is equivalent to CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician/ CCNA R&S (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching). Our course enables you to get placed in top MNCs with smart salary packages.
Although if you want to get certified then you have to go for CCENT/CCNA R&S courses.

Course summary:
✔ Learning these ample benefits for your future.
✔ Gain thorough understanding of networking approaches that can be integrated into the networking field with this training.
✔ Candidate must be graduate/passed out in 2017 can apply for this course only.

Step by Step Training:
1) 3 months of training (technical).
2) internship of around 2 months ( real time experience).
3) Real-Time knowledge of about 1.5 months (Real-Time knowledge)

 The overall course of NDB is of Seven months in which we provide you all the basic knowledge of networking along with technical training. We will give you also Real-Time training for the same to make you networking industry ready.
✔ After that, we will give you internship training in a reputed firm. It is 1.5 months. This internship will help the aspirant for their betterment in communication, industry exposure etc.
✔ The third step of this training is giving you the Real-Time knowledge by the experienced employees of the industry about the working culture of an organization which is of 1.5 months and it will be for the betterment of your career as well as to make you comfortable to work in an organization.
✔ The next step is we will take a general test to evaluate how much you have gained in this training session. Or we can say a quick review or revision of everything whatever you have learned during this course. It is 15 days.
✔ After completion of this test, you will eligible to take part in placement session of the companies.

If you are an IT enthusiast you’d probably know that networking is high in demand today and so is a network engineer, it is one of the most high-paying fields in the IT industry. This course enables you as a good network engineer and you’ll get salary package up to 4.5 lakhs per annum.
Get ready to unveil the future of networking with NG Networks.

This program consists the basic knowledge along with all the important technical accessibility which helps like a stepping stone for their career without having the pangs of certification.
One more important thing of this course is that there is no requirement of any prerequisites to pursue this course.

Conclusion: If you are ready to excel in your networking career, stay up to date on today’s technology, be a leader in market trends learn more about the networking with NG Networks.