How to get multiple Appraisals in a year?

Real Time Training can be the secret key to quick appraisals! Read more to know how?

It’s a fresher’s experience
You must have heard about the famous practice with industry that every company wants to experience before they give experience!

This lowers down the chances of a fresher to earn well. With real-time training at NG Networks. You can crack the interview like a boss and compel them to pay you well! Simple mathematics!

Your certificates don’t matter your work does!
No employer is interested to see your bunch of certificates. They are more concerned with the quality of work that you can do. Show them your skills and take their money!

Certificates mean you are ONLY capable of passing the exams
No certificate shouts out the level of knowledge you have got! Reading a manual cant make you a good car racer. You need to drive and learn before hitting the tracks! Leave the certificate aside. Only one small line among 20 job description points says certification required. Certificate in 1%, 99% is knowledge


Why NG Networks calls its courses “JOB GUARANTEE PROGRAM”?

Securing a job and references is really embarrassing, isn’t it?

The pride and confidence that a person feels when they are sufficient enough themselves to secure a good paying job is the best feeling in the world.

We at NG networks believe that every individual who is training hard in his respective field should have a right to enjoy this pride where they stand strong enough and feel empowered to be able to achieve whatever they dream of.

NG Networks curriculum gives that cutting edge to all its students so that they don’t need any kind of papers or documentation. We train them so that their work speaks for themselves. The entire course of training is based on current industry requisites.

There is a reason that we call NG Networks program JOB GUARANTEE PROGRAM.

Here are some statistics showing the current scenario of Job scope in Networking.


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Network Data Beginner:

For securing your dream job it’s not necessary to pass tests and obtain a certificate.

And we prove it through our ace training.

Network Data Beginner is designed for the L1 & L1+ perspective and helps the student to face the actual job scenario.

We employ the newest technology in the market to provide more accuracy in real time.
Our training courses are aimed at 100% job guarantee and higher than certification program.

The major aim of this course is to come up with candidate’s relevant exposure with the market requirement by adding the detailed knowledge of ITIL concepts with real-time classes especially emphasis on the Ticketing and Monitoring along with basic troubleshooting type important factor for the beginner in IT Networking.

The minimum time to complete this course shall be 3 months and its only depends on how quickly you are able to learn the concepts of Network Data Beginner.

Network Data Specialist:

Network Data Specialist is one the most popular course of NG as it has been accredited for placing thousands of candidates. It is best suited to those aspirants who have already wasted or spent a number of years after the graduation in Irrelevant profiles.

This program completely correlates to most of the job descriptions released for the L1+, L2 & L2+ hiring. After completion of this program, a candidate will acquire knowledge of overall projects in Industry along with a brief understanding about ITIL concept. It helps in understanding the Specific roles of a network engineer.

*Communication Classes works like a backbone to our concepts.
*Our Real-time training is a unique concept as it starts with the explanation of a sample data center diagram and updates them with the latest Hardware used in Infrastructure.
*One more Real-time class offered specially for handling ticketing and monitoring.
*If you are a computer savvy and have interest in IoT then you can pursue this course.

Network Security Expert

Network Security Expert is the highest level training module which provides the full information about the networking and plays a vital role to fulfill the actual requirement of IT infrastructure in Network domain. The preparation begins from Cisco Data and F5 is added to give exact knowledge. This profile is then outfitted by giving security preparing on various Firewall (ASA), Checkpoint, Palo Alto n others). Overall it is the best course that illustrates the architecture and features of IT Network infrastructure.

This way we build an Engineer out of you right from the start. With such an extensive knowledge, we will never have to “ASK” for a job, they will “COME” looking after “YOU”.




Don’t you agree that any time when someone mentions about Networking, the very first thing that comes to our mind is CCNA?

CCNA is a certificate which is offered by Cisco itself.

Cisco devices (especially router & switches) are considered to be one of most demanded product for handling Network in any organisation.

Following the same, most of the newcomers or candidates who are interested in the Network domain choose this certification as an entry level.

It’s somewhat a right step but unfortunately, more than 10k candidates become CCNA certified every month only in the capital city of our country out of which 2% can’t manage with the job in relevant domain of networking.

The only reason for this is the huge appearance of aspirants for the examination where they forget to focus on the job description released by the company for hiring in networking domain even when it’s clearly mentioned that the person should have certain amount knowledge as per the level of Job such as- L1, L2, L3 & more.

Out of 20 lines in a job description, there is only one line which states that CCNA/CCNP certification is preferred which is not a big deal at the time of hiring in case the aspirant is having an in-depth knowledge of the concept or is capable to answer the question promptly.

Now when an aspirant gets selected and starts working in the real-time scenario as a beginner, he/she opts for the training known as Knowledge transfer I.e KT where one of the concerned people from the team who could serve as their manager or track lead gives KT to them in which the entire tools and SLA supposed to be discussed but at very often amount.

This knowledge is termed as “Real-time knowledge.”

Here, the concept of In-depth training is added with the real-time concepts to give a direct solution to the job for anyone in the universe.

Real-time training is identical to the Knowledge transfer but precisely and provided by well experienced (10+ years of experience).

Network engineer in which the aspirants learns how to manage his/her profile once they got selected and covers the answers to 85% question in an interview.

For example; If a candidate opts for a normal certification program from any well-renowned institute then the goal of the institute and the aspirant will be become unified to achieve certificate only and the training modal will be offered as per the same goal.

Once this candidate completes his/her certification program and appears for an interview, they get shocked when interviewer starts talking about real-time issues like; ‘What will be your step when a node is down?’ & ‘How will manage with high CPU utilisation?’

These types of issues are not provided by the certification curriculum, you need the proper guidance of highly experienced network engineers to help you to understand this type of troubleshooting concept.

Our curriculum is completely made up of ingredients which are required to make a normal graduate ready to function like a working network engineer.

At NG Networks, the real-time training curriculum is specially designed by NG experts which covers all the routine issues that arise while working in real-time scenarios.

There are few common types of issues/tickets that hit your tool to be followed by same troubleshooting steps which are not given in any of the certificate curriculum.

One can manage his/her profile freely or independently and can score well while working in real-time scenario after completion of Real-time training.

Why you must go for Fortinet firewall training?

What is Fortinet?

In order to understand the importance of Fortinet Firewall training in your career, it is primarily important to know about it. Here is an A-Z guide that will help you make up your mind about why you must go for Fortinet Firewall training.

Fortinet is an American MNC headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It is into Cyber Security. It creates Cybersecurity programming and apparatuses like Firewalls, anti-viruses and so forth. It is fourth biggest network security on the planet based on income.

Keeping in mind the requirements of different offices, Fortinet has developed different kinds of programs in order to cater different kinds of organizations.  Fortinet provides FortiGate 30 series to satisfy the requirements of small offices while it has FortiGate 5000 series for a very large Enterprise.

There are a number of securities and networking functions that FortiGate it provides in the market, which includes:

  • Firewall, VPN , and Traffic Shaping
  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Antivirus/Antispyware/Antimalware
  • Integrated Wireless Controller
  • Application Control
  • IPv6 Support
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Web Filtering
  • Antispam
  • VoIP Support
  • Layer 2/3 routing
  • WAN Optimization & Web Caching

What should I know before starting the training?

Candidate should be aware of  TCP/IP, OSI model, Routing, Switching and practical functioning of Network technology.

How do I benefit from getting Fortinet Firewall training at NG Networks?

  • At NG networks, you get trained to provide multi-layers of security.
  • The curriculum helps you to build an understanding of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies that enable you to provide secure communication platform in organizations.
  • You can select anti-virus engine that has the capability to balance the performance and enhance the security of the organization
  • It provides you with the ability to run VoIP security on your network.
  • We build your knowledge to enable optimized and acceptable use policies so that browsing can be limited to certain sites if needed.

Ng networks provide FortiNet Firewall training with its Network Security Specialist Course that gives you a comprehensive insight into the most advanced level of Network Security Traning.

What Makes NG Networks Best for Network Security Domain?

With the ever growing Security domain, interest for Cisco CCIE Security training has substantially risen. The aspirants into this field, intending to construct a career in the IT industry can decide on Network Security Expert course at NG NETWORKS– India’s best Networking training institute.

In the event that you are confused about the decision of training center then this will surely enable you to settle on the right decision. Here, we are to discuss the reasons for why a candidate must choose NG NETWORKS for a career in Security Domain:

At NG NETWORKS, we try to give a base to the student so that they can prepare as per the industry expectations and can exceed expectations in their careers. In the event that you are chasing for expertise in the domain of networking, at that point, NG NETWORKS would be the best decision.

Network Security is the biggest concern of the enterprises these days and that is the primary reason behind the increasing interest for CCIE Security Integrated certification. Our CCIE Security Integrated Certification is a comprehensive bundle that includes Cisco’s security innovation as well as trains you on numerous additional security technologies like Checkpoint,  Fortigate, Palo Alto and Cisco ASA

Our courses are designed to give a crisp and crystal clear understanding of concepts. It covers the basics as well as gives you a profound understanding of networking. We start from basics i.e. CCNA R&S training took after by CCNP R&S, CCNA + CCNP and CCIE training for a security domain. Strong base helps you establish the framework for all the more strong building so is the case with knowledge. Cisco certification is hard to possess and it doesn’t come without practice in the real-time environment. For practical execution of the innovation, you should have the latest Cisco Devices live racks.

We at NG NETWORKS, feel the pride to assist students for 100% placements who settle on CCIE Security Integrated program. CCIEs have a colossal request in the market and we provide a platform to take care of the demand and supply. We even assist students to provide them with internships in great organizations, which acts an esteem add-on in their curriculum vitae.

10 Reasons Why to Choose NG Networks

Certifications are not our thing:
NG Networks is different from other institutes. Our sole aim is to place our students with high salary packages in top IT firms. Our course curriculum is designed to keep this aim in mind.

Our training is based to prepare the aspirants first with the theoretical part as well as Lab practices available in the book referred by Cisco.

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100% placement! Don’t believe us? Take it in written!
NG Networks offers 100% job guarantee programs to students enrolling for any of the three programs, which means it’s our guarantee to get you placed in the best networking company before or after the completion of your training program. The starting salary of our alumni fresher is 4-5 LPA.
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Taste the ground zero with real-time training:
NG is the first institute in India which launched the concept of Real-time training programs. This concept not only aids the company, it also helps the students to ensure industry challenges. Networking organizations need a relevant profile with good communication, Real-time knowledge and other skills in the same proportion.

Highest Salaries:
We offer the highest salary package depending upon the course you’re going for.
Good quality knowledge and practice of practical principals guarantee a decent pay package right from the start. We build your base. You may start pursuing courses offered by NG Networks and build a rewarding career within no time!

Get Your Billion Back Make It Rain GIF by Billion Back Records-downsized_large.gif
Highest Placement record in such a short span of time:
We specialize in placing students from all educational backgrounds. Be it B. Tech, B. Com or BCA graduate.

NG Networks trains people and places them in various MNC’s irrespective of their educational backgrounds. Many people believe that graduates only from a science background are eligible since Infrastructure domain deals in technology. However, this is completely untrue. A graduate from ANY, we repeat ANY discipline is eligible for the course and would get equal chance during placement.
Get placed in top Multi-National Corporation:
Working in a leading MNC is a dream-come-true for anyone and we are here to curate this dream into reality for you. We make you job ready through our innovative training methodologies.

Specially designed module by professionals:
To train you, we have a team of experts in our institutes who have precious experience of working in reputed networking organizations.

We provide trainings through our industry experts who pay attention to each student during the course of their corporate training in order to help them grow more as an IT professional in their concerned field.

Get communication Skill, PD and Interview class:
We provide one of the best trainings for improvement of our candidate’s communication skills which are uniquely developed by our experts. Don’t compare it with traditional “Angrezi bolna sikhiye program”. It Includes Personality development and Interview classes.

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Next level training:
As mentioned, we do not focus on Certifications. Our curriculum is specially designed by professionals based on the job description. In other words, we take it to an even higher altitude.  Equivalent certifications are CCNA (R&S), CCNA (S.P), CCNA (D.C), CCNP.(R&S), Knowledge above CCIE.

Get trained by experts:
Our trainers, who themselves have been a part of the corporate world for a long time, are certified industry experts who have minimum experience of 10-15 years.
The training is given by these certified experts only. So get trained by expert for being an expert. It is one of our top USP.

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What is Job Guarantee Program at NG Networks?

We all know that the world is moving towards digitalization to grow their organizations or start-ups. This digitalization depends upon networking and internet. Networking opens up doors for many new opportunities.

Due to lack of knowledge, students get confused in choosing the best course for themselves. So if you have a goal to kick-start your career in networking and want to be placed in top MNCs with high salary packages, then without looking any further join the Job guarantee programs at NG networks.
With a plethora of job prospects and chances to get high paid positions, Job Guarantee programs offered by NG Networks in Delhi creates experts who can effortlessly deal with the challenges that IT organizations and different business firms give customized networking training for.

If you want to make a great career in the networking field, you’re on the right path since network engineers are high in demand. Whether you are an existing networking engineer or starting your networking journey for the first time, there are various training courses available for each one of you. These Training Programs help you develop your sustainability in networking know-how, and be the best networking engineer.

Now let us tell you what the Job Guarantee program at NG Networks is:
As per the name we provide 100% job guarantee in written format after or before completion of the course.

NG offers 100% job guarantee program where one can enroll by choosing the right program.

We have courses those are suitable for every candidate. The courses coming under JGP are:

Network Data Beginner: This course is designed for the beginners of networking. Our NDB course is equivalent to CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician/ CCNA R&S (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching). Our courses enable you to get placed in top MNCs with smart salary packages.
Network Data Specialist: Associate level networking course for graduates and professionals. This course is completely based on the requirement of the companies hiring for the network engineer.
Network Data-Sec Pro: Network Data-Sec Pro is a high-level training module which provides detailed information about networking and plays a vital role to fulfill the actual requirements of IT infrastructure in the Network domain. Learn the security preparing in different firewalls.

Network Security expert: Network Security Expert (NSE) is a new program designed for technical professionals interested in independent validation of their network security skills.

The best thing about NG is its main focus on the placement. We are one of the best networking institutes that offer 100% job guarantee in written format.
We place a candidate every 3rd day.
Are you thinking about how we place so many of candidates in a short span of time?

Let us clear your doubt. This is possible through our intensive training. We also have a special curriculum, which helps students get placed in top MNCs with exceptional salary packages.

Mainly we focus on 4 skills, I.e.

Technical Skills

Communication Skills

Relevant Exposure

Real-time training

So without having any second thoughts, go and grab this opportunity now. Enroll yourself in our Job Guarantee programs and boost your networking career with us.

See our Job Guarantee Courses at